1. To Safeguard the rights of people.

2. Legal aid to the needy people.

3. To Provide Legal Services like Mediation/Probono cases.

4. To spread legal awareness.

5. We are dedicated to the cause of protecting public interest and lawyers into socially responsible professionals. 

6. To develop social, moral, intellectual, educational and character of women, boys and girls.

7. To establish and run schools for education/training from elementary level to higher level. 

8. To conduct educational programs for all education, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, women&s literacy and mass education institutions and continuing education, computer education, environmental education, pre-primary school and others, run by the education department. 

9. To make arrangements for toilets, cleanliness and sanitation etc. in rural areas and urban areas and slums. 

10. Implementing welfare schemes for the welfare of economically backward people, minorities, backward classes, scheduled castes, tribes and providing free training to people to make them self-dependent. 

11. To publish magazines free of cost, to publish the biography of social service great men and scholars, to make information about the schemes run by the government to the common people, as well as to arrange free library and reading room for the purpose of acquiring knowledge. 

12. To make efforts for health and family welfare, reproductive and child health programme, eye medicine, treatment of cancer and other common diseases as well as immunization of children of 0 to 5 years and pregnant women. 

13. To give information about AIDS and other terrible diseases to the people and to inform the people about its diagnosis, to spread publicity etc. 

14. To work to make the barren and barren land more fertile and to inform the farmers about new machines. To develop agriculture, to train agriculturist, to improve land, to cultivate medicinal and aromatic plants, to prepare Naidm and Vermi compost. To provide free training to farmers for organic farming. 

15. Trying to end pollution through national environmental awareness campaign and tree plantation programs and environmental education and planting more trees. 

16. To get financial assistance from Khadi Village Industries Board and all such financial institutions and to provide employment to the economically backward and weaker sections. 

17. To conduct cultural programme, work for the development of cultural seminars, seminars, tribal folk art and Vini Drishti art. 

18. Establishment of musical art centers etc., maintenance of musical instruments, highlighting the disappearing culture, research, organizing seminars and birth centenary celebrations, as well as spreading social and cultural topics widely and bringing awareness. 

19. To conduct training programs free of cost under youth programs and to create a sense of national integration and national integration among the youth, to promote sports/sports programs and to impart leadership qualities to the youth. 

20. To conduct women and child development programme, to conduct vocational training programs for women free of cost and to train women to prepare items produced from jute and to form self-help s. 

21. To conduct free medical, health, school, agriculture, animal husbandry, environment, rural development and educational programs and training programs for the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes. 

22. Educated unemployed youths and girls are given type, shorthand, computer, electrical, fridge, television, radio, child protection, sewing, embroidery, design, fashion, teddy wear, motor mechanic, screen printing, printing, beautician, mobile repairing, hand- Free training on crafts etc. 

23. Agro- forestry, land reclamation, cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, improving barren land to make it useful and cultivable, free training to farmers for organic farming. 

24. To promote fruit protection training programs and to establish food processing centers and to make women self-reliant and self-reliant by providing free training through various mediums, to preserve and increase production of fruits and vegetables. 

25. To arrange free mobile therapy for animal welfare and to operate schemes for animal welfare. 

26. To make free arrangements for school accommodation, education and training for the development of the handicapped and to make them employable. 

27. Establishment of orphanage, women protection home, old age home, education, home, family, counseling center, drug eradication centers and hostels and night shelter, etc. 

28. To receive donations, grants, loans and other assistance from donors, government institutions and non-government organizations and foreign institutions. 

29. To conduct programs by forming Self Help Groups. 

30. To promote Yoga and Yoga system of medicine and Homeopathy system. 

31. To develop in the field of science and technology at the village level and to establish a science and technology center to provide information about new technology in the rural area. 

32. To conduct programs at district level and block level in coordination with Social Welfare Advisory Board, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Nabard, Education Department, Health Department, and other departments. 

33. To fulfill all those purposes which are valid under Section 20 of Societies Registration Act 21, 1860.


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