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This article is written by Mr. Pranjal Tiwari, 3rd year BALLB student of Sharda University, and Miss Aishwarya Dubey who is 2nd year BBA LLB student of Indore Institute of Law.


The incidence of police brutality, maltreat of sway and pre-trial custody in India has for all time remained an intense arise of being civil liberties violations and has enlarged many in the fresh past. The police are the most essential part for the enforcement action entrusted with preventing and detecting crime contained by a country. The police are required to swear rule and sort out in guild and make certain peace. Added frequently than not, one comes across news of manhandling and criminal custody by the Police of innocuous persons. At hand is mounting local and global strain to save from harm and save a selection of fundamental right to life of the individuals. There have been more than a few instances where the police brutally manhandled the citizens irrespective of whether they cover been arrested or whether they are childlike bystanders who accost the law enforcement to catalog a complaint.(1) For instance, in April 2020, Mohammed Rizwan was beaten with lathis and go through butts for venturing out of his home, attempting to believe biscuits. After such horrid dealing was meted out to him, he succumbed to injuries after two days. Lawfully speaking, no police officer can physically beat any qualities to put up an arrest or compel their assembly in a police station.


It is alarming that police viciousness is not incomplete to the stage day. Even during British rule, Indians were punished for over 200 living for ‘non-payment of taxes’. Near were horrific events full up by the Britishers to punish folks who did not stick to the set of laws levied by them. After 72 years of independence in India, the country is facing identical violence and rough treatment by the Indian Police.

While the earth is demanding production through this pandemic, the job of the Police becomes of the highest consequence in calculating citizens and tiresome to keep in good condition the stillness in the country. However, the police officials via unnecessary intensity like lathi charging citizens for not obeying the rules. To insist on freedom from strife and to persist in up to the spirits of the citizens during this tough time by cruelly assassinating them is a totally new sound out which must not take off or be ignored and must be examined to its crux. To grasp this, it is critical to catch a glimpse of how extreme in attendance has been duty with obey to Directives issued by the Hon’ble Supreme court in Prakash Singh’s Judgment.


A. Bhagalpur Blindings

The Bhagalpur Blindings depicts several incidents which took put in between 1979 and 1980 in Bhagalpur, which is situated in the pomp of Bihar. In this, the control officials blinded 31 individuals, who were calm down under probationary and not however proven guilty, by pouring acids into their eyes. This confrontation became famed with the designation of Bhagalpur Blindings. This episode was commonly discussed and criticized by individual human rights organizations. The Bhagalpur blinding set of circumstances had finished criminal jurisprudence history by befitting the leading in which the Indian Supreme square prearranged compensation for violation of important personal rights.

B. Hashim Pura Massacre

On 22nd May 1987, Hashim Pura annihilate took place. It is a happening of group murder that took residence in Meerut, in Uttar Pradesh, in India during the 1987 Meerut Communal Riots which occurred from March to June in 1987 which resulted in the demise of 350 people. It is claimed that 19 keep watch over officers calm 42 Muslim youths from the Hashim Pura locality, took them to the outer reaches of that position and shot them, and dumped their most of it in the near irrigation canal. After only some days, their bodies were naked as it was on the edge in the canal. The 19 men were accused but presently they were unconfined on bail.(2)

C. Rampur Tiraha Firing

This agency refers to the patrol firing on an unguarded advocate who was from Uttarakhand and was at Rampur Tiraha (crossing) in Muzaffarnagar constituency in Uttar Pradesh in India at the time if the incident, on the night of 1 October 1994. The broadminded was a role of the campaigning as regards the detached distinguished of Uttarakhand and was exit to Delhi to strut dharna. Six activists were dull in that incident.

D. Dhule shootout

In this incident, the police force fired on the violent Muslim youths, in which 6 populace were down on the smudge and 20 groups were injured.

2015 sandalwood smugglers come across in Andhra Pradesh: - The Andhra Pradesh control encountered twenty so-called woodcutters in the Seshachalam tree-plant in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

E. Thoothokudi Massacre

The Thoothokudi annihilation is in addition called the Thoothokudi protesters shooting. On 22 May 2018, this event took residence in the Thoothokudi region which is situated in the public of Tamil Nadu, India. The Tamil Nadu keep watch over officers fired in the band together of 2000 people, while they were protesting by pelting sand on the neighborhood collector's place of work and vandalizing collectors organizations and vehicles. In this massacre, thirteen fill with were killed together with a 17-year-old educate schoolboy and a dozen introduce somebody to an area were relentlessly injured.

F. Muthanga Incident

It refers to the police force firing on the Adivasis in the Muthanga village of Wayanad region of Kerala circumstances in India. The Adivasis were cool on 19 February 2003, under Adivasi Gothra Maha Sabha (AGMS) to rally against the Kerala direction for the reason that they were delaying in allotting them the land-dwelling which was contracted on October 2001. The Kerala law enforcement fired 18 bullets during the protest, owing to which two inhabitants died immediately and one of them was a monitor officer. In a later statement, the direction sited the representative collapse toll at five.

G. Citizenship Amendment Act protests

It is the enormously current occasion of the insist by the municipal and the violent calculating of the picket by the keep watch over officials. On 4 December 2019, the declare in progress from the municipal of Assam, presently after the amount was introduced in the parliament. After that, northeast Indians in progress protesting, and subsequently, the remonstration expands in the chief cities of India. foremost protests took a position in Aligarh Muslim academia and Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi.

The gripe applies and its coverage too became violent with time. The open and the not public properties were cracked and burnt by the mob, together with the vandalizations of a little of the railway stations. The law entered the Jamia campus with satiated break open and second-hand tear chatter and batons on the students, injuring 200 students and detaining 100 students overnight in the keep watch over the station.

The police action was subject to condemnation follow-on in the students protesting in solidarity. As of 27 December 2019, near are thousands of ancestors were arrested and 27 natives were killed. Two 17-year-old children, who were notwithstanding minors, were killed in the supervise firing in Assam. The law enforcement controlled a resolved interdict on the campaign in a number of states on 19th December.


A. Police Complaint Authority

In the milestone judgment in Prakash Singh v. Union of India(Writ Petition (civil)  310 of 1996), the Supreme Court, upon a broad assess of ancient times authorities, bags alleging knock about of powers by the keep watch over and news of a number of Commissions synchronize up to make happen recommendations for better liability of control in India, directed inter alia, the formation of a Police Complaint Authority (PCA) in every state by the passing of correct legislation.

Consequently, in October 2006, the Ministry of Home Affairs program up a group recognized as the Soli Sorabjee agency for producing a composed sculpt patrol invoice to be incorporated by every part of states in preparing their respective legislations big business with the law enforcement in the state and remove Police Act, 1861. The typical proposition lays down a complete divide up establishing and modifiable establishment big business with complaints against the police.

B. Legal Remedies

This liability finds its base in the constitutional and administrative decree against the violation of the primary constitutional rights of the citizens. A police officer abusing his source to violate the redress to verve and liberty, shelter against discrimination, safety against chance and against the law detention, self-determination to transport to all comers throughout the territory of India, etc. (3) preserve be in custody predisposed under the Constitutional laws and cam be directed to pay compensation to the victim for the destruction or injury caused by him.

C. Remedies via National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)

Under the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, the National and State human rights Commissions are bestowed with the authority to conquer cognizance also suo moto or on a grievance completed to it alleging violation of individual civil liberties by any person. In pursuance of this power, the NHRC has the leave to intervene in any proceedings against the regulated administrator and a variety of recommendations in this regard. Acts of custodial violence and death, counterfeit encounters, atrocity by the police officer, crimes involving to women and kids can be reported to the NHRC for scrutiny.

The assignment has consistently sharp out that the hostile posture of regulation enforcement agencies, in turn, breeds free-for-all and contempt for the enforcing authorities. One direction of ensuring the cutbacks of such instances is to make certain severe action, counting prosecution, against the perpetrators of altogether forms of custodial violence. The mission has plus not compulsory disciplinary action against the out of the ordinary officials and fixed fiscal relief to the victims or their after that of kin.

D. Indirect relief via media houses

Media is relied on by every part of the citizens, be it common media or news channels. Therefore, it is extremely main that they highlight the achievements. Payable detection motivates the officer to carry out the proper investigation, in the right direction. However, this does not aim that the acts of law enforcement cruelty be supposed to not be reported. By the side of with these incidents, it must additionally promote civil sense, public spirit, and humanism amid the make somewhere your home as fit as the police. 


The Indian police play an imperative job in maintaining peace, liberty, justice, equality, and stability in society. Nearby are no exceptions as to squander of these autonomous powers vested in the policemen. Their important role is to endorse and enforce laws, laws that are complete to look after the citizens from any species of crime and in the project of any violation reprimands the outlaw with punishment. These powers necessity function in behavior that every city dweller of India feels harmless in their vigilance, fairly than self anxious by their subsistence in an adverse way. The nonexistent hands of regulation be required to be for health, morals, and safety, and not for roughly charter out frustration and outrage on the suspects based on inflexible ideas.

This revolt in the episodes of custodial murder and torture receive happening to the county shows up on the feeds again, it is the redress time that this puzzle out not enthusiasm unseen and are fought against, if not distant from roots at slightest a significant fall is achieved. Therefore, as an element of this society, every citizen, the Government, the Media, the Judiciary, and the principal enforcement essential seam hands at once to comprise this humanity a safer situation to live in.



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  1. In these scenarios , is there any IPC ,CrPC or act available in protection of citizens . Inclusion of Ethical training in bottom hierarchy in police administration , mental stress etc such issues need to be taken in congnigence .