The Criminology Of The Future



Criminology is an evolving field of study. As society is developing and increasing in technology the crime rate and their nature is also changing. Criminology, if it has to respond to the changing times must evolve its theories and its methodologies, to make itself relevant to the Justice Delivery System. The term Criminology was coined by Italian law professor Raffael Garofalo in 1885 but during that time it did not receive the spotlight. Criminology has generally been derived from a Latin word which means “accusation”. 
The criminal justice system has adopted various latest technologies to be at a step forward from the criminals. Technology and law go hand in hand to keep up with the changing times. Modern technologies such as in the field of forensic sciences give great strength to the field of criminology which helps detect medical evidence to a great extent. This field has evolved and incorporated Ballistic fingerprinting, various types of evidence, and cyber forensic in forensic science. This could help in solving crimes wherein the offender is unknown and the evidence is extremely limited. One such frameworks could be DNA Indexing System which is majorly utilized in India and have the greatest prospects of evolution in the future with advancements in the overall technologies. In India, as of now, there are no strict laws in relation to CyberCrime and this is why this field needs major upliftment so as to protect people from major cyber threats in the future. 
Electronic innovation is changing at a rapid rate and therefore law enforcement agencies also need to remain at par with such advancements. This could only be done by bringing in major revamps in the methodologies of crime control which is dealt by the field of Criminology. Enhanced GPS beacons and biometric IDs could be the initial steps to bring in major revolutions in this field. Facial Recognition Device and Iris Scan could be made an essential tool of recognizing people which would be the most effective tool for the same altogether. 


Criminology has now started to work hand in hand with modern-day Scientific and Technological innovations. This is just the starting point of our way towards the future and this solely depends on our law’s adaptability with the present advancements. Our legislators should try making laws with the help of Criminologists which are future-ready and are open to accepting changes as per the conditions required. In the future, Innovation will be utilized by laws in ways never envisioned and therefore Indian Criminology needs to be future-ready. It is only through the modern innovations that the field of Criminology can move on further and developed into the methodology that could be envisioned to aid the nation’s justice system at every front. 

By- Rishika Vaishalik, 4th year student of Galgotias University and currently pursuing B.B.A LL.B.


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