Corona Virus A Blessing For Nature


Like every coin has two sides, the impact of corona virus has also proved to be dual-sided. On the one hand corona virus affected whole mankind through infection and on the other hand, it provided nature to rejuvenate again, to heal all the damages caused by mankind for their development. In recent days, we found Peacocks dancing in the Local Streets of Mumbai, in the same way, Dolphins were found near Mumbai seashore, and even Neel Gaye or Blue Bull was also found in the Noida street.

Due to lockdown and maintaining social distancing, we found less number of traffic which ultimately caused the drop in the percentage of Nitrogen Dioxide or carbon Emission levels in the atmosphere which resulted in purification of environment. We also found that most of the  viruses causing the epidemic to originate from animal kingdom such as Ebola, Bird flu. Zika. Nipah Madcow etc. The Republic of China after the Corona Disaster announced lawful ban on the trading of meat of dog and cat within the Country and even China and Vietnam are going to frame regulations for banning any form of wildlife meat trading.

Corona virus only affected human beings largely and not any other living organisms. The spread of this Virus confined human beings within the spheres of four walls of their homes which in turn helped nature and other living beings to lead their life free from human intervention. The resultant pandemic showed us a mirror of the reality of living life in confinement like animals in the cage, whom humans confine for their entertainment purposes after providing them essentials basic amenities but not freedom.

No doubt this the threat of corona virus will be finished or solved one or the other day, but we should take a lesson and bad prepared to take reasonable measures for our future subsistence. The Central Government with the collaboration of other International bodies need to take some mandatory steps or rules for their respective provinces for the protection of environment and to maintain ecological balance. Some suggestions are as follows-

“Lockdown should be imposed at least once in a year or minimum 15days curfew (Except Medical Emergency).

“There should not be any animal held captive in any institution for entertainment. For educational purposes, scholars should be allowed to visit an animal sanctuary with precautionary measures and strict legal rules.  A person should realize there mistake but people are not taking their fault seriously as unlock 1.0 announced people were normal to there life and forget the social distance. As precaution is better than cure, the Government should codify these principles with penal provisions for contravention as a 'vaccine' so that in the coming days our future generation shall not suffer like this.


By- Muskan Khandelwal, student of B.B.A LL.B from Sangam University, Bhilwara.

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