Tamil Nadu National Law University’s Financial Assistance Scheme 2022-23: Apply by Aug 27

About the TNNLU

Tamil Nadu National Law University, formerly Tamil Nadu National Law School, is a National Law University. With a view to making access to legal education more inclusive, TNNLU has evolved this “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme”.

About the opportunity

Applications are now open for The TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme for the academic year 2022-2023, till August 27, 2022.

About the TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme

  • This scheme covers the financial assistance granted by TNNLU alone. Such assistance shall be called “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme”. However, for external scholarships granted by the government or other agencies, the institutional mechanism created by this policy shall act as a facilitator if the applying students so desires.
  • “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme” shall include full or partial waiver of any kind of fees and charges.
  • This scheme shall cover all courses offered by TNNLU and all years of study in the respective courses.
  • “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme” will be provided to a student either for the entire duration of a courses or for a part of such course.
  • This scheme shall come into force from the date of approval by the Executive Council of TNNLU.


  • Students eligible for “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme” shall be selected solely on the basis of financial ability of their families.
  • In the case of undergraduate students, repeated poor academic performance as a result of willful neglect by students will result in ineligibility for the assistance for the subsequent academic year, provided such decision is taken by the committee constituted for this purpose after giving a fair hearing to the student. On the basis of student demonstrating his/her commitment to academic activity in the subsequent year, he/she may be rendered re-eligible.
  • Proven involvement of the student in any act of grave indiscipline or failure to secure minimum mandated attendance for non-justifiable reason or misrepresentation of facts for securing the “TNNLU Financial Assistance” may render the student ineligible for “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme” in the subsequent years.

Application procedure

  • Interested students may apply for the “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme” in the application form prescribed in the annexure to this policy.
  • The application form shall be available on the website of TNNLU.
  • Application may be submitted to the Registrar.
  • All students should apply not later than 27.08.2022.
  • The Selection Committee shall grant financial assistance ordinarily for a period of one academic year.
  • Award of financial assistance for one academic year shall not be a guarantee for its continuance in the subsequent academic years.
  • The Selection Committee shall record its reasons for the selection/non­selection of candidates in writing.
  • In the event a candidate incorrectly states or fails to disclose any of the relevant information in his application, the Selection Committee reserves the right to
  • take action as it may deem fit, including but not limited to, retraction of any previously sanctioned financial assistance, after giving a personal hearing to the student.
  • The award of financial assistance to a student, including details of the exact nature and quantum of assistance, shall in all cases be intimated to concerned parent/guardian.
  • In the event a student who had successfully obtained an external scholarship earlier is suddenly deprived of it, or if a student of TNNLU who had not applied for financial assistance suddenly faces a change in his/her material circumstances threatening his/her ability to continue his course in this institution, the Selection Committee is empowered to provide emergency temporary financial assistance. The Selection Committee shall convene a special meeting for this purpose or may even take a decision by circulation for this purpose.
  • Any student aggrieved by any decision of the Selection Committee may appeal before the Vice-Chancellor.


If within three years of graduating from TNNLU, a student beneficiary of “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme”, joins any organization or outfit and earns a salary of Rs.50,000 or more per month, he/she must pay back a minimum of 10 percent of the salary every month to the “TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme Fund” until the entire financial assistance awarded student is offset.

An agreement to this effect shall be executed with each student availing of any of the financial assistance. However, the Selection Committee shall in exceptional circumstances, upon a representation from the student in question waive the stipulation.


Applications must be submitted by August 27, 2022.

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