Internship under National Institute of Social Defence Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Government of India

National Institute of Social Defence (NISD) Internship Scheme seeks to engage students pursuing Graduate / Post Graduate Degrees or Research Scholars enrolled in recognized University/Institution within India as "interns". These 'interns" shall be given exposure to various Divisions within NISD.

2. The internship will be on unpaid basis.

3. The Scheme 

3.1 Name of the Scheme: The NISD Internship Scheme.

  3.2 Purpose: To allow short term exposure of "selected candidates” with the different Divisions of NISD, Government of India as 'Interns'. A list of domains / areas for which Internship is invited is enclosed as Annexure – “I”.


3.3 Objectives of the Scheme: The Scheme has the following stated objectives: 

a.  To allow young academic talent to be associated with the NISD’s work for mutual benefit.


b.  The "Interns" shall have an opportunity to know about the functions of the different Divisions of the NISD and their programmes and policies etc.


c.  To provide an opportunity for the officers of the Authority to interact with young thinking minds from reputed Institutions, as ideas from budding scholars will prove to be of important for policy and planning in puts.


d.  To provide a framework to students by which their educational experience is enhanced and support the work of NISD through practical work assignments.


3.4  Internship:

I.  Internship shall be available throughout the year based on  the requirements  of NISD.


Interested applicants shall apply online for Internship Programme.


II.   Eligibility: Bonafide students pursuing/passed out Graduate/Post Graduate Degree or Research Scholars enrolled in recognized University/Institution within India from any background but preferably Social Science background i.e. Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Law etc. of any recognized University/ Institution within India fulfilling following conditions are eligible to apply for the internship:


a) Students pursuing/passed out Graduate/Post Graduate Degree or Research Scholars.


b) They have secured 50% or more cumulative marks in all the years/semesters of their graduation/ post-graduation till the date of application.


(iii)  Period: The period of Internship shall be at least four weeks but not exceeding 3 months. Interns not completing the requisite period will not be issued any certificate. Intern shall be present in the office hours i.e. 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in all working days. For experience, If Director desires, intern may travel for field experience.


(iv)Experience Certificate: A certificate regarding successful completion of Internship shall be issued.


3.5 Logistics & Support: Interns will be required to have their own laptops. NISD shall provide them working space, internet facility and other necessities as deemed fit by the concerned Heads, as per availability. However, it will not be the right of the intern to claim it.


3.6 Procedure and conditions for Applicants:


I.       Interested applicants shall apply online for Internship programme.


II.   Applicants must clearly indicate the area of interest.


III.   A candidate can apply for internship only once during a financial year.


IV.   The applicants who do not fulfil the eligibility conditions, their applications shall be rejected by the Competent Authority.


V.       The selected applicant has to produce letter of recommendation from the college/institution at the time of joining, failing which his/her candidature shall be cancelled. Annexure-II


VI.   Fluency in English or Hindi is desirable for internship.


VII.   NISD holds the power to deny the internship without any explanation.


VIII.   If NISD finds any misbehavior / misconduct of intern during internship, his/her internship will be terminated without giving any prior notice. 


3.7 Timeline of application: Applications received till 25th of each month shall be allowed for subsequent month/s internship.

3.8 Procedure for Selection and Other Modalities of the Scheme:


I.    A maximum of 5 interns are taken for Internship at a time for each Division. This number may be relaxed beyond 5 with the permission of Director, NISD. The decision of the Director regarding the suitability of a candidate as intern shall be final and binding.


II.     The selected candidates may be asked by NISD to submit the hard copy of their Recommendation Letter (RL) from their Head of the Department/Principal by giving sufficient time before issuance of the offer letter by NISD. It also has to be indicated in the RL that the student would not be registered for any course requiring his/her attendance in the class during the period of internship. If any discrepancy is found, the candidature of the candidate will be cancelled by NISD.


III.     Depending upon the number of applications received against a particular domain/area, NISD reserves the right to fix up the eligibility criteria, limit the number of applicants to be called for a particular period and to decide about the mode of screening thereof.


IV.  The concerned heads of Divisions of NISD shall be personally responsible for ensuring that the work programme and output mutually agreed upon with the Intern is satisfactorily completed. Interns shall be required to submit a brief report / paper at the end of their assignment to the Heads of the concerned Divisions of NISD about their learning experience.


V.    The intern shall not disclose any data of NISD and maintain confidentiality. Violation would be liable for legal action. Any publication would require prior permission from NISD.


3.9 Attendance - While doing internship in NISD, the candidate should have a minimum of 80% attendance and they have to mark In and Out time on daily basis. In case of less than 80% attendance no extension of internship period is allowed and no experience certificate will be issued. The attendance record and the details of work supervision shall be maintained by the Heads of the Divisions.


3.10 It may be strictly observed that the conduct of the interns and their access to data shall be the sole responsibility of the concerned Deputy Directors /Heads of Verticals only.


3.11 Relaxation: Director, NISD will have the power to relax any of the conditions mentioned above, in respect of any deserving candidate.

Domains/ Areas available for Internship 

1.              Senior Citizens Care


2.              Drug Abuse Prevention


3.              Other Social Defence Issues

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