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About the Centre for Cyber Laws (CL), NLUD

The Centre for Cyber Laws has been established to understand the socio-legal issues related to ever-evolving cyberspace. Cyberspace is infinite and has the potential to grow and evolve infinitely. The issues related to cyberspace are also evolving with the advancement of information technology.

The global IT revolution and the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, e-commerce industry, a new form of currency, issues pertaining to the governance of cyberspace and more particularly the post-covid-19 new world order have necessitated the need to focus on the legal research pertaining to new kinds of cybercrimes, issues related to cyber security and data protection and online privacy laws and above all into the new evolving cyberspace trends and patterns which shall shape the future of human civilisation and legal issues pertaining to it.


The vision of the Centre for Cyber Laws is to create a research-oriented space through which further research, discussions and deliberations on issues related to cyberspace and cyber laws can be done.


The objective of the Centre is to bring the professionals, academicians, cyber law experts, technology experts, law enforcement agencies, researchers and students together to have focussed deliberations, discussions and debates related to issues of cyberspace and cyber laws.

The Centre also aims to spread awareness related to various issues related to cyber laws such as cybercrimes, contraventions and cyber security issues.

Who can Apply?

  • Applicant enrolled in the 5-year program should currently be in their 4th year (graduating in 2023) or in their 5th year (graduating in 2022).

  • Applicants enrolled in the 3-year program should currently be in their 2nd year (graduating in 2023) or in their 3rd year (graduating in 2022).

  • Further, it is mandatory that the applicant has prior research experience in the area of cyber laws.


Application Process

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Contact Information

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