JOB POST: Manager – Legal & Remedial at Tata Capital, Mumbai: Apply by Feb 28

Core Responsibilities

Ensure the Compliance of Remedial Legal Process

  • Represent the company in front of statutory authorities and other institutions

  • Identify cases for filing legal cases and initiate Legal tools within timelines

  • Dunning, Loan Recall Notice

  • Filing of complaint under section 138/section 25, Filing of civil suit; Filing of arbitration and section 9/Section 17 (Orders through court for repossession of assets wherever required)

  • Execution of the award passed and section 9/section 17 order

  • Review of all the above cases on a periodic basis

  • Audit compliance

Recovery and Auction

  • Manage and support asset repossession as per policy and process

  • Manage Auction of repossessed assets and drive recovery on loss on sale

  • Coordinate with vendors for recovery and auction

Reduce NPA through Legal tools and compliance within timeline

  • Ensure that the NPA’s are kept at minimum trigger levels

  • Manage portfolio movement and control loss for the product

  • Achieve Budget target, increase fee income / revenue and reduce vendor payouts

Functional Coordination and Liaison with the collection team for Legal

  • Coordinate with the collection department for adherence to the stipulated laws during repossession, collections etc.

  • Provide regular MIS and updates to the collections department

  • Ensure effective interdepartmental communication with operations, Credit and sales to improve processes

  • Support the CRM team in drafting replies to customer complaints, RBI complaints, complaints and letters received from Statutory Bodies or Government Authorities.

  • Provide support to  all teams in resolving legal and compliance  issues  as guided by the Corporate Legal Team

Customer Interaction

  • Visit customers and manage the swift recovery in critical cases

  • Ensure quick resolution of customer issues and complaints

Vendor Management

  • Follow up and manage  the advocates after filing of cases

  • Ensure that all the advocates/law firms  in the location perform as per the defined policy

  • Reduce cost incurred through vendors


Supplementary Responsibilities

  • Conduct revised/refresher policy & process training of collection and legal team at regular intervals.

  • Give feedback to the business on the any new judicial trend and amendment required in the policy and process

Records/Trackers/Reports maintained by role:

  • Publish legal MIS

  • Report High priority cases to Senior Management


  • Maintain files (Deviations and approvals, customer complaints etc.)

How to Apply?

Interested applicants can apply for the post through this link.


Application Deadline

Feb 28, 2021



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Manager – Legal & Remedial at Tata Capital, Mumbai

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